Chase Investment Group


Some selected accolades.

Meet the team


Chase is a privately-owned UK company. The board consists of three members who represent the interests of the investors. Together the board has a combined experience of over 45 years working in various global property markets.


Lochie Rankin


Managing Director

Lochie Rankin oversees the day-to-day running of the group. He has been working in the UK real estate markets for over fourteen years as an investor, developer, and asset manager. He holds an MSc in Real Estate from Cass Business School. Prior to joining Chase, Lochie was a director at Serlian—a project and asset management company, overseeing real estate projects and developments on behalf of investors.


Boris Balkarov


Executive Committee

Boris Balkarov sits on the board as both an investor and representing the interests of the other investors. He brings a wealth of corporate and real estate investment experience, having worked in the banking, construction, and real estate sectors. He has invested in numerous real estate projects across Europe.


Svetlana Strelina


Executive Committee

Svetlana sits on the board as a long-time investor in European real estate projects. She currently resides on the board of a large Russian real estate investment company, overseeing the management of the portfolio of commercial property, as well as a residential focussed Development company based in Croatia.